10 traits confident women share

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3 min readJan 21, 2021
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We’ve all been there, and we’ve all seen her, that woman who stands tall, commands attention and respect, and owns the audience. She has confidence, energy, and leadership presence. Many women share the belief that women either have self-confidence or they don’t. That’s a myth.

We are all born with some level of confidence. Even the most confident women experience periods of self-doubt. Self-doubt isn’t a bad thing; it’s an opportunity because it serves as a catalyst to grow, learn, and put more energy into specific areas of our life.

One thing that I know for sure is that nothing significant will ever happen in your comfort zone. But, pushing outside your comfort zone is not always easy. Below are ten traits that confident women tend to share that will help you understand how you can start to push past your comfort zone.

A confident woman:

  1. Has the drive to start things. Confident women are assertive. They are willing to suggest alternatives and try new things while others may sit pondering them. A willingness to brainstorm and explore new ideas can result in discovering and developing new and better processes, procedures, and solutions.
  2. Stands up for herself in a fair and consistent manner. By standing up for themselves and being their own best advocate, women create an environment where their voice is heard, and they are respected and treated fairly.
  3. Has the ability to “no”: Knowing when and how to say no prevents women from taking on unnecessary or inappropriate work or obligations. By saying “no” to things, women open themselves up to saying “yes” to pursuits they are passionate about.
  4. Has the ability to say “yes”: When a woman focuses on only saying “yes” to things she is passionate about, she opens the door to new opportunities, projects, and promotions.
  5. Overcomes and faces her fears: When a woman overcomes the fear of failure, she can push beyond her comfort zone and stop obsessing over what others think. The result is the gift of exploration, innovation, and success.
  6. Believes in herself: She may fail or make mistakes, but when she believes in herself, she learns from those mistakes, changes things up, and ultimately finds a solution. Think about it, how many times did the Wright brothers fail before they finally took flight? Women will fly if they give themselves a chance.
  7. Sets the bar high: When women set the bar high, they start with a foundation of success based on tangible goals and a strategic plan.
  8. Stretches her limitations: Stretching beyond her comfort zone increases what’s possible. She is stronger and more capable than she thinks.
  9. Asks questions. Confidence allows women to ask questions when others are silent. Confidence provides women with the springboard to go after that promotion, stop second-guessing, and pursue the job she wants and the salary she deserves.
  10. Believes in winning. When women believe in themselves, they believe in winning, and they ultimately succeed.

Remember, no one can give you confidence. Confidence begins with you. As you start to push outside your comfort zone, the traits above naturally emerge as your confidence builds.

Along your journey to becoming a confident woman, let us know what you discover along the way!

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